What is the general dress code required?

Neat Casual, no track runners and generally no T- shirts.

How much do the tours cost?

Prices range from $35.00 to $60.00 per person depending on your numbers, pick up location and any extras. Some companies may charge a flat fee for the hire of the bus.

Do Tour companies allow alcohol on the bus?

Generally alcohol is allowed on the bus but only up until the first venue and not in the city. Most companies encourage only a few 'travellers' on the bus with no glass bottles and esky's on the bus. Please check with individual companies.

Please Note: In Melbourne as of the 1st April 2010 BYO alcohol is not permitted on the bus unless appropriate permits are obtained. We encourage groups not to BYO alcohol on the bus due to these new laws.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

It is imperative that tour companies are covered with Public Liability Insurance so that you are protected of any incidents. Make sure you ask your booking company if they, and therefore you are covered.

How long in advance are you required to book?

Please check with individual companies, but the more notice you give them the more likely you will be able to be accommodated.

How many guest are needed to have a tour?

You will need to check this with individual companies. In some cases you may be able to be joined with another group in your local area if you don't have the required amount of people.

What do I need to tell guests?

1. Your guests are required to bring appropriate photo ID and it is advisable they don't bring excessive money or expensive cameras.
2. Encourage your guests to 'pace' themselves throughout the night, to avoid any problems.
3. Unfortunately guests cannot smoke on the bus as state laws prohibit smoking on passenger vehicles.
4. That it is your night and shouldn't be spoilt by fighting or any damage -avoid inviting any potential trouble makers or 'friends of friends'.
5. Advise guests to use crossings whenever possible.
6. Encourage your guests to be dropped off together from the same pick up location.

What venues can I choose?

Some companies have set venues while others have a number to choose from. It is advisable to choose the venues the company recommends, as they would have a good association with the venue and would guarantee entry as long as the group abides with the venue requirements.

How do I know when I am dealing with an disreputable company?

1. Check their web site, quality of web site usually determines quality of company.
2. Call and ask as many questions as you can.
3. Check their printed material, quality of printed material usually determines quality of company.
4. If in any doubt ask for what they are promising in writing or ask for past referrals.

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