Many municipalities encourage Nightclub Tour Operators to follow a Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct promotes safety, a good and reliable service, and state laws and regulations.

Understanding the Liquor Licensing, responsible drinking and relevant local laws.

It is an offence for tour operators to offer or provide alcohol without a licence issued in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Act. Anyone who breaches this act can be prosecuted.

The tour host should understand and at all times promote responsible drinking and the need for ‘moderation’.

It is the responsibility of the tour host to inform all guest that it is an offence in some states to drink alcohol or hold an open alcoholic drink in public places within the City. (please check with your individual municipality)

Planning tours in advance with venues

The Tour operators should always plan in advance by booking with venues prior to the tour date. The venue will be much better able to welcome the tour group if door staff are aware of the number of people in the group, the type of group ie. hen’s or buck’s night, the expected time of arrival and the host’s name and contact number.

Knowing and advising of venue entry requirements – identification and dress code

Tour operators are responsible for advising potential clients that photo ID and appropriate dress standards are a requirement of entry to all licensed venues. Please check acceptable forms of photo ID in your state.

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour by multiple individuals and an entire tour group

If the tour host observes that the behaviour of the entire group becomes inappropriate either inside or while waiting to enter a venue, they should immediately inform the venue’s door/security staff. Again, this will enable the venue staff to assist and if necessary to move the group along to another venue or to stop the tour altogether and return to the agreed ending point if this is safe to do so. In extreme situations, it may be necessary to contact police via the 000 emergency number.

Dealing with inappropriate behaviour by an individual within a tour group

If the tour host becomes concerned about the behaviour of an individual member of the group while inside or while waiting to enter a venue, they should immediately inform the venue’s door/security staff. The venue staff can then assist and if necessary, respond to the situation according to the law and the conditions of entry of the venue. It may be necessary to escort the individual from the club and request that they wait in the bus or offer to call them a taxi. In extreme situations, it may be necessary to contact police via the 000 emergency number.

Observing traffic regulation to help keep your group and other road users safe

Tour bus drivers should never double park outside a venue as this can cause traffic flow problems and can place passengers at risk when boarding and alighting the bus. Instead, operators should plan to use a nearby legal parking bay and tour hosts should inform all passengers that this is the agreed pick-up point before the group departs the bus at each venue.

Promising only what the tour company can deliver

It is vital to ensure all potential clients are aware of exactly what the tour company can offer on the night as well as the limitations and uncontrollable factors on the night. For example, reinforce that entry to all clubs will rely on members of the group complying with dress codes and liquor licensing laws about intoxication and the provision of photo ID. If a club will not guarantee entry to the group, even if all the above criteria have been met, it is the responsibility of the tour operator to inform the potential client to avoid disappointment and minimise the likelihood of conflict during the tour.

Training the tour operator to keep control of the tour group

The tour host or comedian leading the group should be trained to maintain control of the tour group even if the group become intoxicated and difficult to direct. The host should always precede the group to the entry of the venue to organise the most convenient location for the group to queue and then assist the door staff to usher the group into the venue efficiently. This helps to avoid the group becoming fragmented, minimise disturbance to other patrons and helps ensure the area surrounding the entry/exit is not congested.

Providing signage and name tags to identify tour operators and hosts to venues

All tour operators should ensure that staff and company busses are readily identifiable by placing visible signage on all busses and providing name badges for all tour hosts. This helps the nightclub industry build relationships and work more closely with tour operators to ensure smooth, friendly and well-organised tours. Tour operators should also clearly display the magnetic adhesive sticker reinforcing the responsibilities of passengers, facing internally and externally.

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